Friday, January 7, 2011

My Corner of the Sky

"Girl in Pursuit"
I just submitted my "Sculptural Wool Paintings" into a highly competitive art contest - Artists Wanted : A Year In Review is an international, all-medium-encompassing open call for art -  $10,000 in grants, international publicity and a feature exhibition in Scope Art Show during Armory Week in New York City. 

It doesn't get much better than that...I busily entered all my info and then there was the dread category page.....Painting, sculpture, multi-media, a few others and then..."other." Well that's where I entered my work. In "Other." 

So, some of these categories have had their moments to shine for decades, even centuries...but what about "other" ? I think it's our moment to shine! Yes there is the grand prize, which I would so love to win...but there are "other" awards, such as the People's Choice Award. That's where I may just have an opportunity. 

If enough folks view my portfolio and click on all five stars on upper right...well then, who knows. If you'd like to know more about my "mission," click here...

Perhaps this is one of the moments when a corner of the sky becomes dedicated to fiber art. Where the rainbow of fine art includes the hues of wool and silk - not just as woven tapestries, or oddly shaped drapings, but as art which expresses emotion, engages color, requires skill, and perhaps a wee bit of courage to label it so!

I invite you all to click here and vote for me, and pass the info onto friends....but also to enter your own work! 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Art as Decor

Flowers for Fairy Felted Silk Pillow
I always say when I look around my house, that you should see something beautiful looking out from any corner of the room. There is no reason art needs to stay on the walls. 

For me, I love translating my sculptural wool art to the bedroom. How about a silk pillow with a whimsical moment needle felted onto it and stuffed with organic wool?

Needle felted Desk Set

For the desk, a sweet mermaid pencil holder may just brighten up your day in the office! Here a sweet mermaid greets her fish friend has he decorates the end of a pencil. Below a sea shell, stone and starfish are really pushpins in disguise! When you get bored with office work, home work, etc...just move them about the sea scape!

Why keep roses out in the garden? 

Bring them indoors and display them with your favorite photo in this lovely rose picture frame. The needle felted wool surrounding the image adds depth and beauty to any picture and a spark of magic and warmth to any room.
For the dresser, a wee treasure box, made from wool and a whole bunch of love. 

So now at least three corners of the room present something lovely...Ok, ok, let's put something on the about one of my sculptural wool paintings. 

These wall hangings don't try to imitate painting with oils or watercolors. Just as sculpting with clay would not. 

"First Steps" by Rebecca Varon
Yes there is color and an impressionistic use of additional elements...but the main focus is capturing an emotional moment. A gesture of love between beings. Here, between a mommy and her little girl taking her first steps. Imagine the joy and warmth this lovely creation will add to any room. 

Think about it when you enter your room, your child's room or any room in the house. Where can you add beauty? Maybe it's right outside your window!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reaching Heaven - Reflections on An Exciting 2010 for my Work

Well, what a year! I almost could not believe that my wee business tripled during the past year. I participated in two gallery shows, sold several of my sculptural wool paintings, (though it is often hard to let them go!), and had an enormous purchase from a corporate client in Tokyo (see this link for the story) Really, if I add it all up, off line and  on line, I have now shipped over 1000 of my treasures worldwide. I almost need to pinch myself! Or do I. One thing I want to share is this. Nobody needs a license to create! If there is one thing I want to share with the world, other than beautiful woolly treasures, it is that notion.

If you have an idea...go for it. An ounce of courage is worth several pounds of "should haves"!

Here's something else I want to mention...Along with sharing my work with so many, so many have shared their friendship with me. Yes, many of my customers not only leave feedback on my etsy site, but send personal messages and correspond regularly. All of this is so very know that I've touched a life. For I believe the world can change for the better one kind deed or word at a time.
What to do next? I have ambitious goals for 2011. Will I meet them? Not sure. I will take it one creative deed at a time.  I can give you a hint. Since I get so much pleasure from bringing beauty into people's lives through my work, I have decided to focus on the events that are important in my customers' lives, like baby showers, blessingways, and weddings, as well as seasonal nature tables. Of course, I always enjoy suggestions of what folks would like to see more of. So if you'd like to share your thoughts, I invite you to do so.

What's more about 2010? My family is  healthy and happy. I am so blessed to have my sweet husband and daughter. Music from my hubby, stories from sweet Eva (now 6 1/2) and my work. Together the creative energy around here is invigorating. I hope to send that energy out with love!

May you have a creative, joyous, magical and healthy New Year!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Needle Felted Fairy Workshop Coming to Zinnia

Many customers and friends have asked me to Please...PLEASE... do a needle felting workshop! Well, here it comes. It will take place on August 8, from 11-2 at Zinnia in South Pasadena, CA. Please see for directions and reservations.  Have you ever been to Zinnia??? Once you step within its doors you will be spell bound by the creativity there...It reverberates off the walls and into your psyche!

Join the creativity by taking a class...By the end of my class you will have made a beautiful hanging fairy about 10" long, using the technique of needle felting. The skills you will learn here will be transferable to other felting projects. Once you get started you will need to pace yourself: it's highly addictive!!!

All the materials you need for the project, from needles to a felting pad to lots of luscious, vibrant and soft wool are included.

Kits for future projects will be available for purchase as well!

Please review some of my work on or to get an idea of what magic can ensue from the poke of a single barbed needle!

To sign up call 626-441-2181  Or go to the website,  check them out and have fun! Sign up for mine and ...perhaps you may want to sign up for another class too.

The cost: $55

See you there... or email me for more info!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My First Steps

I have never had an art opening before and I'm trying to take it one step at a time. I believe I have all the major pieces finished, I have contacted most of the folks I wanted to invite, have made prints of some of my previously purchased work, created some journals with my art on them...etc. Now I need to do the nitty gritty work of creating labels, providing a guest book, having an artist one-sheet on me and the works with their prices...photographing everything, for my records.....As a matter of profound procrastination, I have been designing jewelry! Wild brooches with matching earrings, which I will have there for sale at the opening.

But the main thing is the art. It's coming through. I am feeling the emotion of the work and feeling proud. Still there is the moment when the doors swing open at 1 on Saturday and the guests arrive. I have been a performer for much of my adult life and I know very well how to cradle an audience when I'm on stage and my work speaks through my language, my body, my expression. But there it will be on the walls, speaking for itself, those babies I have created.  Though I have my friends, my husband, even little Eva to support me, I feel wobbly, off balance, nearly dizzy. Yet, if I am to journey into the art world, I must make the first step.

 "Return to Innocence" Exhibition Opening, Sat. Feb 6, 1-4, Cafe Carolina, Encino, CA

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Farewell Howard Zinn

He was a beloved teacher of mine when I went to Boston University. I read his book "A People's History of the United States" from cover to cover, never missed a lecture and worked in the Little Flags Theater company under the direction of his friend and cohort, Maxine Klein. Klein directed Zinn's "Emma" (about Emma Goldman, perhaps my greatest hero - she stood up for women, and despite being ugly by conventional standards, had many lovers; she defended the workers of this country and had the backbone to follow her convictions even when they caused her to be deported back to Russia.) I was in awe of him - the way he made us laugh and think and do; how he turned the biggest regret of his life, dropping bombs from planes during WWII) into a mission that would have a positive effect on so many. Even though he was 61 at the time, I had a huge crush on him and when he invited me to lunch to hear about my trip with Little Flags to what was then the USSR, I was in heaven and wore my "intellectual sweater." This was to make up for any stuttering I was likely to do. I adored him: his wit, his courage, his commitment to telling the truth. Though he was denied pay raises at Boston University because of what he taught in his lectures, though he was thrashed by the right wing of the press, he never stopped moving forward. I was sure he would move forward past 100. Like Moses, say. But instead, his time came now, too soon for me. But perhaps he was tired after all. May he rest in the peace he has always stood for.

I do not lecture about peace as Professor Zinn did. I hope to move people through the arts. For years it was in the performing arts and through the written word. Now it is more visual. Instead of creating works depicting the horrors of our world as we know it today, I am hoping to regain a child's perspective; something pure, simple, and magical. I am hoping that from there I as well as my audience and folks who purchase my work can dissolve the rage and the paralysis of fear and find the will and imagination to make positive change reality.

Images from "Return to Innocence" on display at Cafe Carolina, Encino CA Feb 6 - Mar 31

Preparing, preparing!

I'm, in only the most loving way possible, poking the what not out of wool in an effort to finish all my sculptural wool painting pieces on time for my February 6th opening of "Return to Innocence" at Cafe Carolina. I'm emailing everyone who I think should be invited, Facebooking them, tweeting them, calling...taking a break to do some wet felting for a customer and beginning another special order of matching steeds from my shop, fulfilling donations that I signed up for and looking for the vacuum,  so my house does not fall into further disarray...all in time to pick up my beloved little girl from the Kindergarten later. Good luck! Sometimes, balancing the administrative, the artistic and the family aspect of my life and hoping to achieve the best results in all, feels like I'm reaching for heaven and it is just one width of a lock of wool fleece beyond my finger tips! And yet I know if I keep reaching, keep stretching, I will get there.

 "Reaching Heaven" by Rebecca Varon
Sculptural Wool Painting