Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Preparing, preparing!

I'm, in only the most loving way possible, poking the what not out of wool in an effort to finish all my sculptural wool painting pieces on time for my February 6th opening of "Return to Innocence" at Cafe Carolina. I'm emailing everyone who I think should be invited, Facebooking them, tweeting them, calling...taking a break to do some wet felting for a customer and beginning another special order of matching steeds from my shop, fulfilling donations that I signed up for and looking for the vacuum,  so my house does not fall into further disarray...all in time to pick up my beloved little girl from the Kindergarten later. Good luck! Sometimes, balancing the administrative, the artistic and the family aspect of my life and hoping to achieve the best results in all, feels like I'm reaching for heaven and it is just one width of a lock of wool fleece beyond my finger tips! And yet I know if I keep reaching, keep stretching, I will get there.

 "Reaching Heaven" by Rebecca Varon
Sculptural Wool Painting

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