Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My First Steps

I have never had an art opening before and I'm trying to take it one step at a time. I believe I have all the major pieces finished, I have contacted most of the folks I wanted to invite, have made prints of some of my previously purchased work, created some journals with my art on them...etc. Now I need to do the nitty gritty work of creating labels, providing a guest book, having an artist one-sheet on me and the works with their prices...photographing everything, for my records.....As a matter of profound procrastination, I have been designing jewelry! Wild brooches with matching earrings, which I will have there for sale at the opening.

But the main thing is the art. It's coming through. I am feeling the emotion of the work and feeling proud. Still there is the moment when the doors swing open at 1 on Saturday and the guests arrive. I have been a performer for much of my adult life and I know very well how to cradle an audience when I'm on stage and my work speaks through my language, my body, my expression. But there it will be on the walls, speaking for itself, those babies I have created.  Though I have my friends, my husband, even little Eva to support me, I feel wobbly, off balance, nearly dizzy. Yet, if I am to journey into the art world, I must make the first step.

 "Return to Innocence" Exhibition Opening, Sat. Feb 6, 1-4, Cafe Carolina, Encino, CA


  1. I'm rooting for you, Rebecca! There are a number of artists in my family, and I've always enjoyed going to their art openings. As you know, I wish I could attend your show this Saturday.

  2. How exciting, I hope it goes swimmingly for you!