Thursday, July 8, 2010

Needle Felted Fairy Workshop Coming to Zinnia

Many customers and friends have asked me to Please...PLEASE... do a needle felting workshop! Well, here it comes. It will take place on August 8, from 11-2 at Zinnia in South Pasadena, CA. Please see for directions and reservations.  Have you ever been to Zinnia??? Once you step within its doors you will be spell bound by the creativity there...It reverberates off the walls and into your psyche!

Join the creativity by taking a class...By the end of my class you will have made a beautiful hanging fairy about 10" long, using the technique of needle felting. The skills you will learn here will be transferable to other felting projects. Once you get started you will need to pace yourself: it's highly addictive!!!

All the materials you need for the project, from needles to a felting pad to lots of luscious, vibrant and soft wool are included.

Kits for future projects will be available for purchase as well!

Please review some of my work on or to get an idea of what magic can ensue from the poke of a single barbed needle!

To sign up call 626-441-2181  Or go to the website,  check them out and have fun! Sign up for mine and ...perhaps you may want to sign up for another class too.

The cost: $55

See you there... or email me for more info!!


  1. I just happened to come across your beautiful and creative blog, it is amazing the wonderful creations that you make, so beautiful. If I didn't live across the other side of the world I would love to take a class. Your are so inspiring and creative thank you:)