Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Art as Decor

Flowers for Fairy Felted Silk Pillow
I always say when I look around my house, that you should see something beautiful looking out from any corner of the room. There is no reason art needs to stay on the walls. 

For me, I love translating my sculptural wool art to the bedroom. How about a silk pillow with a whimsical moment needle felted onto it and stuffed with organic wool?

Needle felted Desk Set

For the desk, a sweet mermaid pencil holder may just brighten up your day in the office! Here a sweet mermaid greets her fish friend has he decorates the end of a pencil. Below a sea shell, stone and starfish are really pushpins in disguise! When you get bored with office work, home work, etc...just move them about the sea scape!

Why keep roses out in the garden? 

Bring them indoors and display them with your favorite photo in this lovely rose picture frame. The needle felted wool surrounding the image adds depth and beauty to any picture and a spark of magic and warmth to any room.
For the dresser, a wee treasure box, made from wool and a whole bunch of love. 

So now at least three corners of the room present something lovely...Ok, ok, let's put something on the about one of my sculptural wool paintings. 

These wall hangings don't try to imitate painting with oils or watercolors. Just as sculpting with clay would not. 

"First Steps" by Rebecca Varon
Yes there is color and an impressionistic use of additional elements...but the main focus is capturing an emotional moment. A gesture of love between beings. Here, between a mommy and her little girl taking her first steps. Imagine the joy and warmth this lovely creation will add to any room. 

Think about it when you enter your room, your child's room or any room in the house. Where can you add beauty? Maybe it's right outside your window!


  1. My daughter says, "I love your artwork. It is so detailed and happy."

  2. Hi Farida! Thank you so much! Eva loves the little dolls from you...only you are a fairy who delivers them and your real identity can not be revealed! :)

  3. Your creations are so wonderful, full of beauty and love. You are such a talented lady a delight for me to see tonight, I think I will dream a most beautiful dream tonight. Thank you. x