Friday, January 7, 2011

My Corner of the Sky

"Girl in Pursuit"
I just submitted my "Sculptural Wool Paintings" into a highly competitive art contest - Artists Wanted : A Year In Review is an international, all-medium-encompassing open call for art -  $10,000 in grants, international publicity and a feature exhibition in Scope Art Show during Armory Week in New York City. 

It doesn't get much better than that...I busily entered all my info and then there was the dread category page.....Painting, sculpture, multi-media, a few others and then..."other." Well that's where I entered my work. In "Other." 

So, some of these categories have had their moments to shine for decades, even centuries...but what about "other" ? I think it's our moment to shine! Yes there is the grand prize, which I would so love to win...but there are "other" awards, such as the People's Choice Award. That's where I may just have an opportunity. 

If enough folks view my portfolio and click on all five stars on upper right...well then, who knows. If you'd like to know more about my "mission," click here...

Perhaps this is one of the moments when a corner of the sky becomes dedicated to fiber art. Where the rainbow of fine art includes the hues of wool and silk - not just as woven tapestries, or oddly shaped drapings, but as art which expresses emotion, engages color, requires skill, and perhaps a wee bit of courage to label it so!

I invite you all to click here and vote for me, and pass the info onto friends....but also to enter your own work! 


  1. Done! :)


  2. Absolutely done without reservation! I hope you win Rebecca! :) Thanks for stopping by and following my blog.